Our leadership coaches accompany management teams, executives and middle managers as well as experts in transition to managerial positions.

We help deliver measurable results for all leadership levels. 

Our approach to coaching is based on the principles of partnership. Our methodology and tools have proven to be effective.

Although bespoke for each individual, team and organisation, our coaching focuses on using real and current challenges to both develop leadership competencies and understand how to access and find direction through a personal leadership compass.

Group coaching, support and team development includes:

  • Coach management teams punctually or accompany them in the longer term
  • Accelerating the productivity of newly formed teams
  • Accompaniment of semi-autonomous/self-steering teams
  • Helping multicultural teams reconcile paradoxes
  • Resolving collaborative crises and conflicts

Individual coaching, examples of topics tackled with our clients:

  • (Re)discover or deepen my leadership style to better manage my team
  • Lead in a context of continuous change, complexity and uncertainty
  • Explore new patterns of thought and put them into practice
  • Support during a reorganization
  • Move up to a higher level of responsibility
  • Increase my influence in the organization
  • Overcoming a challenge
  • Becoming the manager of a department with a critical challenge
  • Improve my personal performance through that of my team
  • (Re)build trust in my relationships